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The DXFs.Net University Video Training (BETA)

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  • How would you like to be able to design anything you want?
  • Wouldn’t you like to be able to offer your customers or clients unique one of a kind designs?
  • Have you ever wanted to learn and use a CAD program but were intimidated?
  • Wouldn’t you like to save time by having clean DXF files you created which in turn would save you money?
  • Who wouldn’t. Now you can!

"Act Now and Join Today. Anyone who creates files for CNC Cutting really should have some basic knowledge on how a CAD program works. I want to help you succeed, it is my mission. You can do this!"

Here are some things you will learn in this BETA version…

  • Learn Where and How to Download this Free CAD Progam
  • Learn How to Install your CAD Progam (For those intimidated by computers)
  • Learn How to setup you CAD Environment for Designing
  • Learn the fundamental tools for drawing like scaling, arrays, trimming and much more
  • Learn how to make your first CAD design while following step by step tutorials
  • Have your voice heard. Since this a BETA you can tell us what you want next! WOW!


Don’t wait I want to help you today!

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