Who am I you ask? In short, I am an artist! I have been creating art since I was able to hold something to draw with in my grubby hands. I have been creating DXF Art Files for over 15 years now. I have created DXF Art file designs for people all over the world, from Disney to local businesses.

During my journey, I have studied art at the Kansas City Art Institute, learned 2D and 3D Technical Design and Drafting, and have earned an Associates Degree in computer science and programming, thus creating the monster before you.

Why am I polluting the web? Well, while on my journey, I was searching for something that would combined the conglomeration of all of my interests into one thing that I could enjoy and continue to have a passion for.

That is how DXFs.Net was born and why I continue to strive to create and become an industry leader. I am very passionate about creating the designs I create.

I invite you to join me in my journey as it continues and I hope to bring some fulfillment to you in yours.