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The DXFs.Net Quotation Spreadsheet Program (BETA)

The DXFs.Net Quotation Spreadsheet Software - Part Entry Page
  • Wouldn’t you like to be able to easily quote your customer a price with little effort?
  • Wouldn’t you like to have a directory that holds all of your quotes so that you could easily refer back to them?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if you could update a quote for your customer without the hassle of redoing the entire process?
  • Wouldn’t you like to save time which in turn would save you money?
  • Who wouldn’t. Now you can!

"Act Now and Join Today. This item may not be included with the membership in the near future. I really want you take advantage of this offer. I have spent years quoting and have countless hours creating a spreadsheet quotation program for you that is very robust and at the same time minimal to keep it as easy and effective as possible."

Here are some features that this software has the offer…

  • The option for 100 different items / parts to be quoted in one quote!
  • The option to quote multiple material thicknesses and types on the same quote!
  • Quote printout that displays all items quoted, terms, customer information and more!
  • Quote software has the ability to have different labor rates for cutting and shop labor!
  • Software can be used for anyone. From the hobbyist to a mid to big sized shop!
  • Software has the ability to hold commissions if you have a salesman!
  • Software shows you your breakdowns on time, labor, materials and comissions. WOW!
  • Verbal quotes can be a thing of the past. A formal quote printout sheet is provided!
  • Software has a variable sheet that allows you to change multiple items on the fly!

Honestly Do Not Miss This!

Honestly don’t miss this amazing Membership add-on. Being in the BETA stage, this Item MAY NOT BE HERE FOREVER. Other software's of this caliber are so much more and with membership you not only get this, but also DXF files and video trainings. It's like a turn key business if you are just starting! The membership is at a very low price now for all that you are getting. It will not stay at this price for long I can promise you that. I cannot stress to you enough, DON'T WAIT!
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