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[intense_testimonies type="slider"] [intense_testimony] [intense_testimony_text]"The revised design you did for us is going to be a hit with us! Thank you so much. Your art is amazing!"
[/intense_testimony_text] [intense_testimony_author]Mitch K.[/intense_testimony_author] [/intense_testimony] [intense_testimony] [intense_testimony_text]"Awesome work as always, thanks so much. I don't know how you do it my friend."
[/intense_testimony_text] [intense_testimony_author]John K.[/intense_testimony_author] [/intense_testimony] [intense_testimony] [intense_testimony_text]"Great designs!!! It's nice to see something else than horses and cowboys everywhere."[/intense_testimony_text] [intense_testimony_author]Sherrie T.[/intense_testimony_author] [/intense_testimony] [intense_testimony] [intense_testimony_text]"Thanks for helping me with the files, they worked perfectly on my machine. No more errors!"[/intense_testimony_text] [intense_testimony_author]Charlie P.[/intense_testimony_author] [/intense_testimony] [intense_testimony] [intense_testimony_text]"AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, I used your awesome sun. It’s our name sign on our houseboat."
[/intense_testimony_text] [intense_testimony_author]Nadine B.[/intense_testimony_author] [/intense_testimony] [intense_testimony] [intense_testimony_text]"My customer and I looked everywhere for some interesting designs and found your website, glad I found you. :)"[/intense_testimony_text] [intense_testimony_author]Brian R.[/intense_testimony_author] [/intense_testimony] [intense_testimony] [intense_testimony_text]"My wife and I thank you for your help, we just got our machine so we are still learning. Your designs will work great for an upcoming show. Thanks!"[/intense_testimony_text] [intense_testimony_author]Paul W.[/intense_testimony_author] [/intense_testimony] [intense_testimony] [intense_testimony_text]"Even though we are competitors I am grateful that you helped me with this huge project. The timeline was tight and I couldn't have gotten it done by myself. The only problem is I think my customer liked your designs better than mine. ;)" [/intense_testimony_text] [intense_testimony_author]Ted. T[/intense_testimony_author] [/intense_testimony] [intense_testimony] [intense_testimony_text]"Thank you for the amazing pet memorial, it captured Champs personality perfectly. It has helped our family cope with our loss. We will cherish it forever."[/intense_testimony_text] [intense_testimony_author]Simone S.[/intense_testimony_author] [/intense_testimony] [/intense_testimonies]